Deliciously, naturally,
scientifically crafted

So it all started here

We are a team of scientists passionate about health and our desire to bring to you natural and sustainable supplements.

Having worked for years on the production lines of supplements and super-food manufacturers across California inspired us to develop the tasty and responsible supplements we always aspired to have for our communities.

Driven by our desire to match local wellness needs with the latest nutritional research, we began developing our range of gummy vitamins that are as effective as they are delightful. Combining the best from nature with cutting-edge science from our French laboratory, we've crafted supplements that support your well-being while tantalizing your taste buds.

We began the development of Nutrili products in 2021 between California and Europe with the goal of simplifying wellness and making it accessible for everyone. Our mission is to offer you delicious supplements that make you feel great from the inside out.

Backed By Science

The Nutrili Scientific Advisory Board includes leading doctors, nutrition experts, and scientists. We work with them closely on our supplements development, analysis of our formulations, and to stay on top of the latest nutritional research.

Dr. Mohammed Abufayyad

Medical Doctor and Clinical Investigator Oxford University Hospital

As a Medical Doctor and clinical investigator, Dr. Abu Fayyad conducts clinical trials to determine the safety and effectiveness of drugs, such as vaccines, as well as dietary supplements and medical devices.

Cynthia Bou Khalil, MSc, RD

Clinical Dietitian, Nutritionist and Bariatric Counselor. University Lecturer

Bou Khalil is an expert in supporting people meet their health goals through nutrition and she also teaches at prestigious universities across the Middle East. She's currently the co-founder of Healthylicious, a unique meal plan company that caters home-made, healthy and delicious meals made with fresh and premium ingredients.

Sedra Jundi, MSc, RD, CNE

Clinical Dietitian, Health Advocate and Culinary Nutrition Expert

Jundi is a Dubai-based Clinical Dietitian, Health Advocate and Culinary Nutrition Expert with a passion for healing individuals using a functional and integrative approach to nutrition. She empowers and educates her patients using a “food as medicine” approach while teaching them simple culinary nutrition skills to help them make long-lasting health changes that can go a long way.

Tested for purity and potency

We partner with independent leading laboratories in Europe to ensure that every supplement we ship to you is pure, potent, and effective.

Our supplements are natural

Natural flavors and colors only! Our gummies are certified vegan by EVE VEGAN® and gluten free. Our collagen is non-GMO and sugar free!

Sustainability in every product

Ocean-diverted pure recycled plastic is used for our gummy jars, helping protect our precious reefs, our coastal communities, our oceans and planet.


Our gummy jars are made from ocean-bound recycled plastic, to help in the conservation of our oceans and planet.

We've chosen recycled packaging out of conviction that achieving our health objectives goes hand-in-hand with being stewards of our planet and that what is good for us is good for the planet our communities and oceans.

Quality only

We've developed effective supplements that deliver results by including highly concentrated and natural ingredients.

Additionally, we've crafted each of our products by pairing ingredients that work together to maximize bioavailability by boosting the absorption by our body.

Finally, we've made sure that taking your supplements is as enjoyable as it's beneficial, so we've made our products delicious by adding all natural flavors

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